Where you can get PrEP

This map is built using the data provided by the official IMPACT Trial website.

However, some clinics have already allotted their entire allocation but have not yet processed these places. So although these clinics are no longer actively open to recruitment, they are not listed on the IMPACT Trial website (or on this map) as closed.

If your local clinic is no longer recruiting for the trial you can go to ANY clinic in England. Sexual health services are open access services, this means you can go to any sexual health provider anywhere in the country you choose to use regardless of where you live.

NHS England are now making PrEP available for 10,000 people in England under the auspice of a trial, the IMPACT Trial.

The trial will be conducted in sexual health clinics in England.

Clinics participating in the trial will open to recruitment in a phased approach over a few months. It is not possible to open all sites at exactly the same time so some clinics will open a few months before others. If your local clinic opens slightly later, you will still have the opportunity to join the trial.

The PrEP Impact trial website includes a list of trial sites that are enrolling participants or you can see which clinics are in your area in the map on the left side of this page.

To see a larger version of the map follow this link.

Buy PrEP online
It is legal to buy ‘generic’ PrEP online for your own use. (e.g. Ricovir-EM or Tenvir–EM). Thirty tablets of branded Tenvir-EM typically cost between £35-45. It’s important to buy a pill that contains both tenofovir and emtricitabine.

For comprehensive information about buying PrEP for your personal use online visit the I Want PrEP Now website at iwantprepnow.co.uk

Private prescriptions
56 Dean Street in London offer a private PrEP service. You can buy Truvada directly from their clinic on a private prescription. Thirty tablets of branded Truvada cost £400. You can pay cash or card (VISA/Mastercard only). You’ll need to phone to book an appointment in their dedicated Saturday PrEP Clinic. Call the appointments line on 020 3315 6699 (Mon-Fri).
For full details visit the 56 Dean Street web site at dean.st/prep