ChemSex support, advice, harm reduction

In the UK Chemsex activity has been around for some time, recent reports show that it is on the increase. This reported rise in numbers could partly attributable to the increased use of mobile dating and hook-up apps such as Grindr.

There are many issues that are associated with the use of the ChemSex drugs these are defined as

The harm caused by the rise in ChemSex goes beyond those using these drugs. It affects the larger gay community. Seeing such high levels of serious mental health problems amongst ChemSex users combined with the fact that traditional substance misuse services are ill equipped to tackle the needs of this cohort, they are in the main set up as opiate addiction services, is a cause for concern.

The clinic at 56 Dean Street, part of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, have been at the forefront of a groundswell community response to the ChemSex issue. As part of the WellBeing project a wide range of support services are available for those who would like help or advice about their use of ChemSex. There are also a range of support projects aimed at those wishing to embrace “Sober Sex”.

Full details can be found on the Dean Street website.