Our Mission

Forum Link’s mission is to provide a coordinated “voice for HIV patient groups across the UK”, and beyond.

Currently the Forum Link has grown to over a twenty individual patient groups representing several thousands of patients accessing treatment centres across the country. Collectively, Forum Link represents a substantial percentage of the UK’s HIV positive community.

We see this number increasing substantially in time and also expanding to include European groups who increasingly recruit our expertise to replicate the model in local European settings.

As the nature of HIV epidemic has evolved, Forum Link has gained several years experience of developing and supporting the voice of disadvantaged people often facing multiple discrimination e.g. race, ethnicity, sexuality, immigration status, in addition to their HIV status.

Forum Link is proud to be a member of UK-CAB (United Kingdom Community Advisory Board) a community network that focuses on peer support and training about HIV treatment issues we are also a member partner in HIV Europe and we have recently become partners within AIDS Action Europe.