Meet the Team

Kathryn Dombrowicz

KathrynKathryn was born and raised in Ireland and briefly explored some other countries before settling in London many years ago. She initially worked in the leisure and commercial sectors before retraining in the mind sciences and entered the therapeutic world over 15 years ago. Since then Kathryn has worked in, and managed, specialist centres which support adults and young people with difficulties such as depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, body image and chronic illness. Kathryn continued to train during this time and is now an experienced practitioner in a range of therapeutic models.

Kathryn has been the Director River House Trust, a community based HIV centre, since 2009. and was delighted to be invited to join Forum Link as Trustee, and now as Chair, in 2012.

Chris Woolls

ChrisChris has worked in HIV prevention and now support for older people with HIV for about 22 years now, he has previously worked in Brighton, Stoke-on-Trent and now works in London.

Chris had seen the benefits of having a good standard of patient representation and organisation, as well as the downside of having none.

“When Forum Link asked if I fancied joining the Board I jumped at the idea.

Many people see the need for representation and organisation as in the past – but I think we’ve seen recently, with the switchover to generics and the fight for PrEP, that it never really goes away, it just changes.”

Memory Sachikonye

MemoryMemory has been living with HIV since 2002 and currently works for HIV i-Base as co-ordinator for the UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB). UK-CAB is network of HIV treatment advocates from across the UK with over 850 members and 120 organisations. It focuses on HIV treatment and treatment-related areas.

She is the Co-chair Sophia Forum, which promotes and advocates for the rights, health, welfare and dignity of women living with HIV through research, raising awareness and influencing policy.

Memory is a member of the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG). She is the co-chair of EATG’s Development and Membership Advisory Group (DMAG).

Memory has also supported the setting up of the African Community Advisory Board (AfroCAB).

Paul Clift

PaulPaul is Patients Representative at King’s College Hospital. He is also a member of the steering committees of UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB) and of its European counterpart ECAB of which he was Co-chair 2011-13.

Paul was a member of the Clinical Reference Group for HIV from its inception in 2011 until March 2016 and a member of the PrEP Policy writing group for NHS England from August 2014 to March 2016.

He is a Steering Committee member of several ongoing health-related studies. Paul graduated with a BA in Politics and Society (Birkbeck College) in 2011 and MSc Medical Anthropology (UCL) in 2013.

Raj Satra

Raj was awarded an honours degree in Biotechnology from the University of Wales.Since then he has worked in both the private and public sectors for many years, before taking a position in the HIV sector and to the path of helping others. Following this Raj developed a keen interest in HIV and in the wellbeing of people affected by HIV.

For the last 12 years working at River House , Raj has specialised and gained experience around HIV and ageing. He has many loved ones from all lifestyles with in the communities affected by HIV, and seen the effects of stigmatization first hand. Raj hopes to use his experience and knowledge to improve access to information and promote a better understanding of issues faced by the HIV community.

Robert Fieldhouse

Robert FieldhouseRobert set up Body Positive London’s Treatment Advisory Service in 1997 just as new treatments for HIV were emerging. He worked as a treatments advisor at University College Hospital for three years and as an editor for NAM/aidsmap for another three years.

Robert was Positive Nation Magazine’s treatments editor and has worked in the Policy, Research and Campaigns Department at Terrence Higgins Trust. Robert published BASELINE Magazine for 6 years and is a director of Community Interest Company which publishes a series of slide sets about starting HIV Treatment available in 7 European Languages.

Robert has delivered over 1000 HIV treatment education workshops and spoken at the European AIDS society Conference, the British HIV association Conference and the National HIV Nurses Conference. Robert was awarded Huffington Post’s Person of the week on World AIDS Day 2011 and is now a patron of the National HIV Nurses Association.